About Us

Edith Stein Multi Academy Trust is currently  made up of a two schools within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth, along with our other partners, we are all working together to provide the best opportunities for every child.

The core aspect of our collaborative work is to ensure good Catholic Education for all, upholding the Bishop’s mission and vision for education across the Diocese.

Background to the Trust

The Trust was initially formed in 2011 by Oaklands Catholic School under the banner of the Catholic Academy Trust in Havant. Oaklands was one of the first Catholic Schools in the County to convert to an academy. The Trust changed its name to Edith Stein in 2017. Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School joined the Trust in 2021.

The Trust believes that its schools should distinctive and rooted within their parish and local  communities. We intend to maintain the distinctive nature of each of the schools whilst sharing recognised good practice across the board to build an established Trust of excellence.

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